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Following election of the Board by the Members of the Company in the Annual General Assembly
Meeting held on 26th April 2022, the Board of Directors in its meeting held immediately after the Annual
General Assembly on the same day, reconstituted the Board Committees as follows:

Committee Members
AUDIT COMMITTEE Sheikh Khalifa Bin Abdulla Al Thani (Chairman)
Abdulla M. Al Kubaisi
Mohamed Yousef Hussain Kamal
NOMINATION COMMITTEE Mohammed Ali M. K. Al Kubaisi (Chairman)
Ali Yousef Kamal
Keith Higley
REMUNERATION COMMITTEE Sheikh Suhaim Bin Abdulla Al Thani (Chairman)
Mohammed Ali M. K. Al Kubaisi
Keith Higley
Khaled Sultan Al Rabban
Abdulla Al Kubaisi

Terms of Reference for Board Committee

Company Policy for Dealing with Rumors
Compliance Management Framework
Compliance Policies and Procedures
Foundations and Standards for Evaluating the Performance of the Board and Senior Executive Management
Internal Control System Framework
Procedure for Availing Financial Services
Procedure for Implementing Strategy
Procedure for Nominating External Auditors
Procedure for Orienting New Board Members
Programs Necessary for Spreading Culture of Self-Control
Related Party Transactions Policy
Risk Management Procedures
Succession Planning Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy Procedures
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Percentage of Directors shareholding in share capital of the company
Capital structure and percentage of major shareholders’ shareholdings in the share capital of the company
Detailed Statement of Mannai Corporation QPSC Shareholding in Group Subsidiary Companies
Authorized Signatories List
Appointment of Board Secretary
Insiders List
Mannai Corporation Organization Structure
External Auditor's Details
Mannai Corporation QPSC Contact Details
Articles of Association
Board Charter
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