About Mannai

The Standard of Excellence.

Mannai owes its success and continued market leadership to shared values, core competence in commerce and technology, and an unending spirit of innovation in all aspects of corporate life. Our purpose is to deliver superior, long-range economic benefits to customers, shareholders, employees, and the communities in which we operate.

The company is broadly divided into two key activities, Trade and Services. With businesses spanning the oil and gas sector, automotive distribution, information and communication technology, retail, home appliances and electronics, travel services, logistics and representation, the company provides a large spectrum of services and solutions to a fast-growing client base.


The strength of the Mannai Corporation QPSC lies in the interactive co-operation between different operating companies. Every division and subsidiary works to the same high standards, totally committed to the provision of outstanding levels of service to our clients, allowing them in turn to improve their own business performance. We have earned a solid reputation for integrity which has earned the respect and trust of partners around the world. This proactive group underpins its continued growth by strong teamwork and the establishment of transparent relationships with all whom we serve.

Company History

The Mannai Corporation celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2010 as one of the largest trading and service company in Qatar.

From its humble beginnings as an auto parts trader, the Mannai Group grew to encompass activities ranging from offshore rigs to telecommunications, with interests in many parts of the world.

With the growing importance of Qatar’s economy, the group refocused its business in 2001 by divesting all its overseas interests and reducing its dependence on cyclical, asset-heavy activities.

The goal of restructuring was achieved in 2004 when the trading and services subsidiaries proved their capability of delivering sustainable quality earnings to shareholders. 

In December 2005, Mannai Corporation QPSC became a member of Qatar Investment & Projects Development Holding Company when a majority of its equity was acquired by QIPCO Holding.

In August 2007 Mannai Corporation QPSC became a Public Company and its shares were listed on the Qatar Exchange. QIPCO Holding remains Mannai’s largest shareholder.

In 2011, Mannai acquired a 35% stake interest in Axiom Telecom.

In 2012, Mannai acquired a majority interest in Damas International LLC and became a fully owned subsidiary in March 2014.

In 2016, Mannai acquired 51.24% of Gfi Informatique, a French public listed company, which is a major player in value-added IT services and software in Europe.

During June and July 2017, Mannai increased its shareholding to 81.21%.

Mannai Vision

Through exceptional service and added value, build Mannai to be the most dependable business partner.

Mannai Mission

To create an environment which will attract and retain a committed team of talented professionals who will place Mannai at the forefront in our chosen markets.

Core activities include automotive and heavy equipment distribution and service, information and communication technology, jewellery and high end luxury items, engineering services to the oil & gas sector, office systems, home appliances and electronics, logistics and warehousing, geotechnical, geological, environmental and material testing services, facilities management services, travel services, trading and representation.

The Mannai Way


Delighted customers are our future and we are judged by how well we:

Exceed our customers’ expectations through listening and understanding | Earn our customers loyalty and trust through honesty and courtesy | Commit to the highest standards in quality of customer care, timely delivery and after sales service | Become the customers first choice each and every time because of our passion for excellence | Anticipate and respond to customer needs.


Everyone in Mannai is a leader. Leaders are judged by the standards they set for themselves. Leaders in Mannai:

Share knowledge and ideas openly | Treat everyone equally with fairness and integrity | Motivate and inspire to get results | Embrace and adapt to change | Empower people to take responsibility.


Mannai aims to promote the interests of Qatar, and we will be judged by:

Our contribution to the local economy | Our adherence to practices that protect and support our natural environment | How well we develop and train our human resources.


We aim to meet the expectations of our shareholders, and we will be judged by:

Our ability to deliver consistent long-term | Value Our high standards of corporate governance.


We believe in an open partnership with our suppliers and can be judged by how well we:

Deliver our best in class solutions to our customers | Develop our long-term relationships as partner of choice | Build competitive advantage for the businesses we represent.


Mannai is a team. Our team is judged by how well we work together. We aim to:

Practice open and clear communication | Help one another to deliver benefits for the whole group | Show respect for each other and take pride in our achievements | Treat mistakes as an opportunity to learn, not to blame | Create a stimulating environment where people are proud to work.

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