New EMC Velocity Signature Centre

Company: GFI Informatique India Private Limited
Release Date: June 1, 2012

Empowering customers with EMC proven solutions for date streaming storage centers, unified computing and disaster recovery in virtual and cloud computing environments.

Mansoft Qatar WLL, a subsidiary of Mannai Corporation QSC, announced the opening of its Mansoft-EMC Velocity Signature Solution Centre, at an event held in W Hotel on April 3rd, 2012. The Centre replicates a framework of technology that demonstrates EMC Proven Solutions in approved environments, based on the immense success of EMC’s own Global Solution Centers.This Center, the first of its kind in Qatar, is designed to demonstrate and deliver new economic solutions by virtualizing conventional data centre into cloud networks, thereby providing a total experience of the solution and the benefits to the customer.

This Solution Centre incorporates the latest trends and represents the evolution of new datacenter technologies, thus providing an ideal environment for IT professionals.

Mansoft Qatar WLL focuses on the virtual computing environment, addressing major issues in the stream of server, storage, virtualization, cloud, backup/archiving and Disaster Recovery with an aim to reduce implementation risks, operational cost and increase productivity.

“We will enable our customers to understand and to evaluate the best data center solutions available on the market in line with their cost constraints, risk management policies and service level requirements.” Alekh Grewal, CEO, Mannai Corporation QSC said.

Philippe Fossé, Vice President of EMEA Channels, EMC, commented: “Supporting our partners in the delivery of world class technologies lies at the heart of EMC’s business. As businesses worldwide look to virtualisation and cloud technologies, it is more important than ever for us to work with our partners to demonstrate the power and flexibility of these services in a secure environment. The new EMC Velocity Signature Solution Centre with Mansoft is therefore an important step forward in helping businesses in the Middle East transform their IT through the cloud.”

Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, EMC Turkey, Emerging Africa and Middle East Region, commented, “At EMC we strive to fulfill the needs of our customers and the EMC Velocity Signature Solution Center is considered to be the first of its kind in Qatar. This center is designed to demonstrate to customers how they may transform their data centers into  flexible, scalable pools of virtualized infrastructure that can deliver IT as a service to business units in a much more agile way, while offering the greatest efficiency, control and choice.”

The Solution Centre is designed to host a number of activities, including: proof of concept with live workshops; a real-time demonstration of  ERP on active hardware and software; the consolidation of server, storage, network and backup technologies under one stack; Enterprise Cloud solutions using an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) service model; data backup/restore with high level replication in a virtual environment; facilitating unified solutions covering storage (SAN/ NAS), server-UCS and the network – all under a cost effective methodology; customer training planning; solutions for data migration planning; performance fine-tuning; and exclusive design plans for data availability with sophisticated replication manager tools.

The Centre will also provide comprehensive solutions development, live and remote demonstrations and development of near-customer environments via EMC’s Customer Integration Lab. The solutions demonstrated are based on the strategic collaboration that combines best-of-breed information infrastructure technologies from EMC, virtualization from VMware, and networking and compute solutions from Cisco and will focus on helping customers in their IT transformation towards the Private Cloud.


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