Mannai Corporation is committed to having a high level of corporate governance practices and procedures in a way which maintains the company’s standards and enhances shareholder value.

Guided by and seeking to promote Corporate Governance values, the Board of Directors is in continuous pursuit of maintaining a high level of Corporate Governance Practices through the sound application of Corporate Governance rules and procedures provided for in the various related laws and regulations and Company’s Articles of Association.

Such application shall not be viewed merely as respect of a set of rules and provisions, but also as a culture and method in controlling the relationship between the various stakeholders to ensure that the Management makes right use of Company property to optimize profitability and achieve effective control.

The company keeps all its documents, policies and procedures and generally conducts business in compliance with the latest laws and regulations in place.  Progress in implementation of such rules is annually reported in the Corporate Governance Report to keep the shareholders, stakeholders and public abreast of all its policies and practices in order to enable them to assess abidance of the Company by Corporate Governance principles in general. Relevant disclosures would also be made on the Company’s website.

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